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        Welcome to Divine Disorder. If you are looking for Divine Order, you've come to the wrong place. But we’re all about Disorder, So it wouldn’t surprise us if you belonged here and went to Divine Order by accident. It’s okay, we understand, and if you’re reading this you’ve set down your drink or smoke long enough to find your way back home.

        "If I wanted to read, I’d log out of Rift and get a book! So why the Hell Am I here?" Good question. Well, for one, this is one read you can’t wait for the movie version to see. Two, assuming we’ve worked out now that you belong here, it’s so you can participate in planned expert instances or rift raids or premade pvp. We will also be setting up raids on the calendar as soon as enough people meet the preliminary qualifications. These will be posted here as they are organized. That is not to say we won’t hop on and see if we can’t get enough people for a T1 or T2 instance randomly, we are about Disorder after all. But, the ones we plan will be set up here, and sign ins are set in digital stone...well.. clay…well a volatile collection of bits actually. But hey, we’re calling it clay. No need to get all philosophical.

        This is also where you go to gripe about what we are doing. We want to hear it. Especially Tank. If you don’t complain a bit, he’ll think he’s losing aggro and throw a shield at you…well it’s usually a paper plate at the monitor, but he yells “shield of the righteous!” when he does it. We want to hear any ideas you have for change. If we can make things better, we will. Votes will also be cast here. If you want to give your opinion on a suggestion, this is Your place. We are online here almost all the time and will get to questions or concerns as soon as we can.

Guild News

Cross server queues

tankhooray, Jul 19, 11 4:49 PM.
It's confirmed. Cross server queues will be in the 1.4 patch. It's getting the bugs worked out now on test shards. Thanks for all your patience and shard transfer is about to be irrelevant for progression.

Also, this should take care of the low population issues with Neddra, as people won't need to transfer if they can queue reasonably for content.

Here to stay.

Wylleau, Jul 16, 11 5:05 PM.
   Welcome to all and thank you for choosing to stay with us. Due to the suddenness of Divine Order's transfer and the subsequent creation of Divine Disorder, this site will be a work in progress for a bit. But we will be doing our best to get it into the best working shape we can asap.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Wylleau, Jul 16, 11 1:33 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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